Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Presented a Paper on IT Standards and Participated in Panel Discussions on Big Data Analytics and Service Computing at the 2015 Workshop on e-Business (WeB)

Paper Title:
Investigating IT Standardization Process through the lens of Theory of Communicative Action

Developing standards is a social practice wherein experts engage in discussions to evaluate design solutions. In this paper, we analyze processes followed to develop SOAP standard from the theory of communicative action
perspective, which argues that individuals engaged in social discourse would exhibit five possible actions: instrumental, strategic, normatively regulated, dramaturgical, and communicative. Our findings reveal that participants in standardization processes engage in communicative action most frequently with aim of reaching mutual understanding and consensus, engage in strategic action when influencing others towards their intended goals, engage in instrumental action when taking responsibility for solving technical issues, engage in dramaturgical action when expressing their opinions, and engage in normatively regulated action when performing roles they assumed. Our analysis indicates that 60% of activities performed are consensus oriented whereas the rest are success oriented. This paper provides empirical evidence for Habermasian view of social actions occurring in the standardization process setting.

Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sandeep Purao, and John W. Bagby

2015 Workshop on e-Business, Fort Worth, TX, USA

December 12, 2015

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I was also invited to participate in a panel discussions.

Panel Discussion:
Leveraging Service Computing and Big Data Analytics for E-Commerce

Kathikeyan Umapathy, University of North Florida
Hsing K. (Kenny) Cheng , University of Florida
Mohan Tanniru, Oakland University
Wynne Chin, University of Houston