Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Co-Moderated Data Ecosystem for Nonprofits Panel

Dan Richard and I co-moderated a panel on Nonprofits Data Ecosystem in the Northeast Florida region. Panel discussions was held as a part of the Data and Technology Experience (D.A.T.E) summit, October 25, 2016, Jacksonville, FL. D.A.T.E summit was organized by the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida.

Data Ecosystem Panel aims to inspire collaboration among nonprofits to achieve greater societal impact through data science. The Data Ecosystem Panel brings together program and technology professionals in the Northeast Florida region.

Panel Members:

Michael Blessing
Housing Systems Coordinator,
LSF Health Systems,

Lauren D’Amico
Data & HMIS, HMIS Systems Administrator,
Changing Homelessness,

Mark Walker
Knowledge Management and Technology Officer,
Jessie Ball duPont Fund,

Jason Rose, Ph. D.
Vice President of Data & Research,
Jacksonville Public Education Fund,


Dr. Dan Richard
Director Faculty Enhancement
Associate Professor of Psychology, UNF

Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy
Associate Professor
School of Computing, UNF

Link to the Prezi used for panel discussions:

Link to the Data and Technology Experience for Nonprofits event: