Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Web-based slide presentation

If you are interested in creating web-based slides for your presentation, I recommend you using S5 slide show system.

S5 uses combination of XHTML, CSS and Javascript for creating and presenting slides. Single XHTML file holds all slide details, CSS is used for presentation style formating and Javascript is used for slide navigation. You need knowledge on HTML and CSS to use S5 slide show system. Below is the link for the more information.

Link to sample S5 based presentation created by me is given below:

You can use browser fullscreen option (press F11 key) during presentation to get maximum screen coverage.

If you are firefox user, you can complete fullscreen (i.e., removing address and tabs in fullscreen) using fullscreen addons.

FullerScreen firefox addon by Daniel Glazman is good one for this purpose. Link to addon is given below: