Saturday, August 30, 2008

Review of Language-Action Perspective (LAP)

Book chapter titled "A Review of the Language-Action Perspective (LAP) Approach in Information Systems Research" is accepted to be published as a book chapter in Handbook of Research on Contemporary Theoretical Models in Information Systems.


The Language-Action Perspective (LAP) provides an alternative foundation for analyzing and designing effective information systems. The fundamental principle of the LAP approach is people perform actions through communication; therefore, the role of information systems is to support such communications among people to achieve business goals. Basing on linguistic and communicative theories, the LAP approach provides guidance for researchers to gain understanding on how people use communication to coordinate their activities to achieve common goal. Web services, a leading technology to develop information systems, aims to support communication among services to achieve business goals. The close match between fundamental principles of web services and the LAP approach suggests that researchers can use the LAP approach as a theoretical guidance to analyze and resolve web service problems. This chapter provides a comprehensive starting point for researchers, practitioners, and students to gain understanding of the LAP approach.